Friday Finds

Have you been researching your family history for a while? If so, do you have either photocopies or scanned images from books and other sources buried in your files? Unfortunately, I do.

Thus, I’m using my ‘Friday Finds’ blog posts to not only dig thru those old files and see what I have but to also share those finds with others. Today’s find comes from my folder of Igleheart research. My 4th great grandfather, John Thompson, married Sarah Iglehart in 1820 in Ohio county, Kentucky. At some point I found the book, Ohio County Kentucky Records Volume 1 by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cummings Cook. Unfortunately, I didn’t photocopy a table of contents or introduction. Based on the pages I did photocopy, this book appears to be a transcription of marriage records.

Page 49 – Marriage Records
Groom Bride Marriage Official
Igleheart, Benjamin T Tichenor, Lucinda November 22, 1876
Igleheart, Dennis Humphries, Winnie P. March 23, 1815
Igleheart Henry D. Bennett, Amelia Ann December 10, 1834 by William Sandefu
Igleheart Henry N. Bell, Eliza October 5, 1853
Igleheart, Jacob Tichenor, Ann September 17, 1829 by Wililam DOwns
bond Timothy Tichenor
Igleheart, James B. Humphrey, Sally no date by James Davis
Ministers return November 7, 1813
Igleheart, Jame sB Humphrey, P. J. November 1,4 1863 by John Davis
Bond: Dan Humphrey
Igleheart, John Conditt, Emaline November 29, 1832 by William Downs
Bond: Jacob Conditt
Igleheart, John C. Prewett, Pelina E. November 29 1862
Igleheart, John C Tichenor, Martha E May 6, 1875
Igleheart, Levi J Chapman, Louvina September 9, 1861
Iglehart, Moses C. Bennett, Hannah A March 14, 1857
Igleheart, R. T. Pruden, Lucy C. January 31, 1876
Igleheart, Silvester Condict, Rhoda E November 18, 1872
Igleheart, Thomas Warden, Nancy February 17, 1835 by William DOwns
Bond James Warden
Igleheart, Thomas N. Igleheart, Eliza March 16, 1826 by J. Tichenor
Bond: J. Igleheart
Iglehart, Thomas N. Warden, Nancy March 19, 1835
Igleheart, Warren L. Igleheart, Jane August 13, 1879
Iglehart, William Conditt, Rhoda November 1, 1827 by George McNeilly
Bond: William Condit

page 94
Groom Bride Marriage Official
Thompson, Drury Roby, Jane December 15, 1870
Thomson, Franklin (col) Lindley, Sophia September 30, 1870
Thompson, Henry Harris, Mahala July 24, 1832 by Bluford Henry
Bond: J. Berryman
Thomson, Henry Bell, Catherine January 8, 1844
Tomson, John Igleheart, Sarah February 1, 1820 by T. Taylor
Bond: Jacob Igleheart
Thompson, Nelson Owen, Nelson January 9, 1854
Thomson, R. B. Duke, Sarah A March 10, 1859

Page 10
Bennett, James Iglehart, Julia no date by Benjamin Talbert
Ministers return September 14, 1817
Bennett, James Moore, Rebecca January 13, 1838 by B. Burden
Bond: Jacob Igleheart

page 64
Miller, Hiram Iglehart, Matilda September 4, 1828 by J. Tichenor
Bond: Jacob Iglehart

page [65]
Moore, David Iglehart, Rebecca May 23, 1833 by William DOwns
Bond: Jacob Iglehart

Ann 86
Delila V 102
Eliza 4, 49
Emma 71
Jane 49
Janet 64
Julia 10
Julian 7
Martha 86
Matilda 4, 64
Nancy S. 22
Polly 9
Rebecca 66
Rebecca I. 80
Rhoda 28
Sallie C. 11
Sarah 90, 94
Sarah M. 74
Sue M. 15

Thompson, Thomson
Annie J. 31
Catherine 44
Hetty (Catherine) 31
Manerva Jne 99
Margaret 11
Margaret B. 41
Mary 59
Mary Ann 34
Mary L. 37

It also appears that I was not aware of the FAN club method of researching since I did not photocopy all of the pages for the Igleheart or Thompson brides. Fortunately, others have submitted transcriptions of the marriage records to the Genweb archives for Ohio County AND those pages are still available on the Internet!

I also found a PDF file titled: Ohio County Unindexed Marriages by Jerry Long. Unfortunately, I did not find a digital copy of the book, Ohio County Kentucky Records Volume 1. According to World Cat, a copy of Ohio County Kentucky Records is in the Midwest Genealogy Center.

This index of marriage records will help me locate the records of these marriages in the county records. While I need to search for the marriage records for the siblings of John Thompson and Sarah Igleheart, I already have the record of their marriage.

I certify that the following persons have been married this year viz
John Tomson to Sarah Iglehart on the 1st day of February 1820

Given under my hand the first day of ? 1820
Thos Taylor

Ohio, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds, V. A-F 1808-1865:Vol. A page 39, image 74, John Tomson – Sarah Iglehart, 1 Feb 1820; digital image, Clerk of the County Court, Morgantown, Kentucky. film 494956 DGS 6463424. digital image. Family Search ( accessed Sept 2018).