Goal Update

Do you write annual goals? If so, have you looked at your progress. It is half way thru the year and I should be half way thru my goals. However, I have to admit, I’m not! In fact, it seems like I’ve made very little progress.

This lack of progress is very obvious when one looks at the list of goals in my journal. One of my goals was to update FamilySearch and WikiTree for my ancestors thru my second great grandparents and for my great aunts and uncles. In particular, I want to make sure that the photos passed down to me by my grandmothers are uploaded to FamilySearch helping to preserve them. While I have some of that done, I have a lot left undone at this point in the year.

Another goal was to update my research for my 4th great grandparents and share that information via my tree, the FamilySearch tree, blog posts and possibly Wikitree. This goal shows even less progress than my ‘update’ goal.

Another goal was to work on verifying my Ancestry ThruLines. That goal changed after watching one of Diahan Southard’s RootsTech sessions on autosomal DNA and learning about her ‘dots’ system.

Afterwards, I modified my goal to re-do my dots instead of documenting matches in RootsMagic.

And I can proudly say that I completed the process of redoing my ‘dots’ for my DNA test. Unfortunately, I still have 3 more DNA tests that have to be done.

While it sounds like I haven’t been doing anything to accomplish my goals, some of what I’ve accomplished is very time consuming, including DNA dots. One project that I accomplished was to update the descendants of my fourth great grandparents, John Thompson and Sarah Iglehart. I’ve also been working on the descendants of James Evans and Sarah Garret. This particular family has proven to be a mess.

While I haven’t made much progress on my 2023 goals, the statistics indicate that I have been busy.

RootsMagic Progress

Jan. 1, 2023July 2, 2023
Media Items13,18214,014

Ancestry Tree

Jan. 1, 2023July 2, 2023
People with hints13,6066,634
All Hints115,32750,827

In addition to updating my research and working toward my goals, I have been able to share my research via this blog on a daily basis.

While I likely will not complete many of my goals for 2023, I am learning a lot about my ancestral lines. And for me, that is the ultimate goal.