Threads Part 2

Whether it is Twitter, Threads, Mastodon or some other platform, I still want some of the features from Twitter.

  • connect with a variety of people from around the world
  • searchable by topic — including Covid (with or without a hashtag)
  • ability to share a blog read in Feedly
  • ability to automatically share my blog posts (now broken by Twitter)

For the past couple of days, I’ve been experimenting with sharing from my Feedly account. Since I typically read Feedly on my iPad, the iOS platform may be affecting my experience.

When I read a blog I like, I often share it on Twitter. I simply click on the up arrow share icon, select Twitter and then Tweet.

I’ve found that Tweeting blog posts in this way is a quick easy way for me to share what I consider the ‘best’ blogs each day.

With the move of many genealogists away from Twitter, these tweets are no longer reaching many in the genealogy audience. Thus, I’ve been trying to share these blogs on multiple platforms. To share on Mastodon, I have to click on More and then scroll thru my list of apps to locate Mastodon. Thus, there are additional steps involved for Mastodon.

When I’ve tried sharing to Threads, it has usually locked up Feedly. Once I close Feedly and reopen, then I can share to Threads.

I’ve also tried sharing from Feedly to Tribel which seems to work the same way that Twitter does. However, when I go to the Tribel app, none of my posts show.

Even though Threads requires a ‘reboot’ of Feedly to share, my posts do appear on Threads.

Going to Mastodon, I also find my posts.

Even though Mastodon requires going to the More list, the process of sharing is very similar to Twitter (which I still use).

When it comes to my wish to share my own blog, Twitter fails simply because Twitter broke the connection. Thus, I have to remember to manually share my blog to Twitter.

However, my blog is being automatically shared to Mastodon.

At this point, I can’t automatically share to Threads. Nor, can I search Threads by hashtag or even by a word to locate posts on a topic. While Threads may have quickly acquired a lot of genealogy users, these missing features will keep me from truly adopting Threads. My frustration with Threads was echoed in an article in FastCompany that is unfortunately appears to be behind a paywall: Instagrams Threads is Unfortuntely Missing Many of the Features …

For now, I’m still a Twitter user. However, I will try to share on Mastodon and maybe Threads.

4 thoughts on “Threads Part 2

    1. mcphilbrick

      Yes, hopefully they will add some features and fix other issues! Otherwise, the user will abandon it.

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  2. Marian Burk Wood

    Agree that Threads is less functional without #hashtags. Not joining until that happens plus I prefer a desktop version.

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