Beekman Patent Kennedys

Have you ever used a resource that give the genealogy of the families that settled an area? While I’ve used books that trace the descendants of an individual, I don’t know that I’ve used a book that is a compilation of descendancy information for settlers. Even when I think of those who settled the Germanna colonies, the associated books are for individual surnames.

While researching my Kennedy ancestors, I stumbled across the mention of a set of books about the people who settled Beekman’s Patent in Dutchess County, New York. The Wikipedia article for Dutchess county provides a little background on the various royal land patents, including the 1705 Beekman patent. The website, Settlers of the Beekman Patent, provides additional information about the series of books that contains historical records and genealogies of the original settlers of the Beekmap patent. While the books in this series are listed in the FamilySearch catalog and on a WikiTree page, they are searchable on AmericanAncestors ($). Thanks to AmericanAncestors, I was able to locate the KENNEDY family information in volume 7.

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The Kennedy Family

William Kennedy(1) died in 1727 at Preston, New London Co., C and left a will in which he mentioned children: William Kennedy of Greenwhich, RI, clothier, paid £125 to John Bennet of Preston for land at Voluntown 21 April 1724.(2)
i. David; m. Margaret?
ii. John; m. Jane Ferguson 14 Aug. 1735 in RI
iii. Robert; m. 1st Mary Cady, 2nd Sarah Morgan

  1. iv. Hugh, b. 1692; m. Rachel Billings
    v. Agnes; m. _ Dixon
    vi. Janet; m. Thomas Love. She had dau. Mary Aldrich. They both lived Preston, CT 1771 when they sold land.
  2. Hugh (2) Kennedy, (Wiliam (1)), was born 1692 and married 1725 Rachel, born 1 March 1704, dau. of Capt. William and Hannah (Sterry) Billings. He had children born in New London. He later lived at Voluntown, New London County when he made his will 13 Aug. 1778 and probated by 1 Dec. 1778 and the inventory was exhibited 6 Feb. 1781. He was buried in the Kinne BUrying Ground at Glasgo, Griswold, CT. The inscriptiion reads: “In Memory of Mr. Hugh Kennedy who died Oct. 31st 178 about 86 yers of age.” His estate amounted to £468/4/0. The most valuable items were beds, furniture and sheets valued at £87/6 adn £57. Three coats were valued at £27 and a “note of hand” was worth £70.

i. Mary, b. 28 Nov. 1726.
ii. William, b. 30 Sept. 1728; William Kennedy was a plaintiff in DC in 1764 with Margaret Rose and Bartholomew Crannel v. Hezekiah Wilcox. He complained of Richard Warner in the Court of CP May 1763. Kennedy loand Warner £6/4/1 on 3 Aug 1758. He complained against Archibald Thompson 20 May 1760 on a debt of £15/0/8 that had not been paid.(3) William Kennedy was a Dutchess County resident who was a petitioner for Vermont Land Grants in 1761.(4)

  1. iii. David, b. 6 July 1730; m. Mary Campbell
    iv. Elizabeth, b. 28 March 1731

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v. Marian, b. 3 May 1733
vi. Temperance, b. 28 Nov. 1735
vii. Hannah, b. 28 Oct 1737; ?m. Joseph Campbell. at Voluntown

  1. viii. Hugh, b. 6 Jan. 1739; m. _ Briggs ix. Rachel, b. 21 Jan. 1741; m. William Edmunds 23 June 1763 at Voluntown (5) x. Abigail, b. 21 Jan. 1741/2 xi. Alexander, b. 20 July 1745; m. Mary _
  2. David (3) Kennedy, (Hugh (2), William (1)), was born 6 July 1730 in Voluntown, CT and m. there 10 Jan 1759 Mary, b. 19 Aug. 1734, dau. of Rev. Robert and Mary (McMains) Campbell. He served in the Revolution from Voluntown and was 5 days at the Lexington Alarm in April 1775. He sold his land in Voluntown and was 5 days at the Lexington Alarm in April 1775. He sold his land in Voluntown Oct. 1772 and on 19 Oct 1778 he sold his gristmill to Robert Campbell. A David Kennedy was in Voluntown in 1790 at 3-3-4 between John Dixon Jr. and Samuel Stuart. Children:
    i. Robert, b. 20 Jan. 1761. A Robert Kennedy was in Canajoharie town, Montgomery Co., NY in 1790 at 2-2-6 between William Ferguson and John Ferguson. A Robert Kennedy and wife Elizbeth __ had son David b. 14 Nov. 1790 at Churchtown, Columbia Co., NY [IGI]. A David Kennedy married Rebecca Cole 1814 at Albany First Lutheran.
  3. ii. Hugh, b. 30 Sept. 1762, m. Sarah Thornton.
    iii. Mary, b. 21 Dec. 1764
    iv. John, b. 1 Feb. 1767
    v. Rebecca, b. 5 June 1769; m. 1st William Green 6 Dec 1789 at Voluntown, 2nd Elias Keigwin 3 Jan. 1797.
    vi. Rachrl, b. 3 March 1772
  4. Hugh (3) Kennedy, (Hugh (2), William (1)), was born 6 Jan. 1739, probably at Voluntown, CT and came to Charlotte Precinct, DC by 1765 or so but was only taxed there 1778-79. He was a tenant and was involved in a legal action from 1767-69 in Charlotte with DeLavergne and Ricketson [AD #6932]. He borrowed £6 on 7 Sept. 1767 from Samue Badgley. [May Court CP 1769; AD 6614]. Huch Kennedy dealt on the account of John Scott at the Mabbett store in Charlotte, DC 20 Jan. 1774. [DCSB C:270]. He was in the Dutchess County jail for debt and escaped 6 Sept 1771. The paper noted he was age 30. [Rec. 1970:214].
    He removed to Pauling by 7 Sept. 1786 when he and a number of other men from Pawling petitioned the State Legislature fore allegedly untitled lands in the

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Oblong. [SBP I:410]. After the death of his father-in-law, Ebenezer Briggs, he probably moved onto the Briggs farm in Washington town where he was in 1790 at 1-3-2 between James Mott and Samuel Davis.
Hugh Kennedy married a dau. of Ebenezer and Abigail (Wickham) Briggs of Washington town, DC. [DCW box 8]. Letters were granted to Hugh Kennedy of Pawling, son-in-law to Ebenezer Briggs, late of Washington Town 26 April 1788. Hugh Kennedy and Theodorus Bailey, executors of Ebenezer Briggs, farmer of Washington town, dec’d, sold 2 parcels of land to John Thorne of Ulster CO., NY 18 Jan. 1791. [D 11:406].
Hugh Kennedy is not found in NYS in 1800 in the proper age group.
Children: (none proven)
i. ?Hugh Jr. Hugh Kennedy was in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY in 1800 at 0-1-1-1-0 and 0-0-0-1-0 between Cornelius Oothout and Joseph Bovie. He was possibly the man who witnessed the will of Benjamin Gifford which was written at Schaghticoke, Rensselaer Co., NY 27 Jan. 1821.
ii. ?Gideon. Gideon Kennedy was in Payling in 1790 at 1-1-1 between Simeon Cummins and Martin Preston. Gideon Kennedy offset charges wqith James Bradshaw at the Duncan store in Dover 14 July 1792. On 4 Sept. 1792 he charged a bushel of rye and 2 milk pans to the account of Silas Ray, 8 chillings. HE paid his account with £1/9/4 cash 7 Feb. 1801. (DCSB E:287, 346; I:124]. He was in Pawling in 1800 at 11-0-1-0 and 2-0-0-1-0 between David Preston and Abel Rust but not found in 1810 in NY or surrounding states. Administration of the estate of (a) Gideon Kennedy of Lysander, Onondago Co., NY was granted to son Dennis Kennedyd 10 September 1827. [OnonCW LA HH:129].
iii. ?Ebenezer B. (6) Ebenezer B. Kennedy married Margaret McKee 26 Jun 1807 and they had son Washington Franklyn bp. 2 Dec. 1810 and dau. Ann Eliza bp. 2 May 1813, both at Fishkill. [FRCh]. Ebenezer Kennedy married Elizabeth Ketcham 16 Dec. 1826 at Rombout Presbyterian in DC.(7) [See Allen Kennedy under unplaced).
iv. ?Nancy; m. Martin Van Deusen who was b. 1760 at Pawling and lived there.
v. ?Elizabeth, b. 12 April 1773; m. Henry Stark, b. 19 April 1762, probably in DC. She died 24 Dec. 1851. (8)

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  1. Hugh Kennedy, (David, Hugh, William), was born at Voluntown 30 Sept. 1762 and married there 24 Feb. 1785 Sarah Thornton. He removed to Half Moon, Saratoga Co., NY by 1800 where he was probably the man listed at in 1800 at 2-1-0-1-0 and 4-1-0-2-0 between Richard Crandall and Hezekiah Ketcham.
    Hugh Kennedy of Saratoga Co., NY, age 57, applied 2 May 1818 for a Rev. Pens. He had enlisted at Voluntown, CT and on 13 June 1820 he removed to Johnstown, Montgomery Co, NY with his wife Sarah (Thornton) aged 57 and dau. Roxana aged 16. [Rev. Pens. S 42777]. High Kennedy sold land in Hadley, Saratoga Co., NY to Chester Ryther in 1824. He died in Montgomery Co. 25 March 1835.

i. Robert, b. ca. 1797; d. 7 April 1835.
ii. Roxanna, b. ca. 1802
iii. David., b. ca. 1807; died 31 March 1836

Other and Unplaced Kennedys

_ Kennedy was noted as a boundary in a mortgage of 1 June 1812 in Dover. [M 19:459]. Kennedy married Agnes, dau. of Moses Campbell of Paris, Oneida CO., NY who wrote his will 31 January 1821. [OneidCW III:164].
Kennedy married Mary, dau. of William Gibson of Bergen, Genesee CO., NY who wrote his will 8 July 1819. Also named: William Kenedy and Robert G. Kenedy. [GenCW I:222].
Kennedy married Mercy, dau. of David Comstock who wrote his will 11 April 1827 at Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY. [RCW #699].
Alexander Kennedy was in Salem, Washington CO., NY in 1790 at 1800 at 1-1-2 and Neil Kennedy was one away from him. He was in Argyle, same county in 1800 at 1-1-0-0-1 and 1-1-0-1-0 between William Conway and Abraham Townsend. Neil Kennedy was next to Townsend. Alexander Kennedy of Argyle, Washington Co., NY wrote his will 26 December 1816; proved 5 February 1817. He named wife Sybel; sons: Alexander, James and John; daus.: Catherine Robertson, Sally, and Margaret Kennedy. His son John and John Robinson were executors. [WahCW IV:1].
A guardian for Alexander Kennedy age 20 of Middleburgh, Schoharie Co., NY was in court 9 February 1826. [SchoCW C:176].
Allen Kennedy m. Rebecca Lane who was b. 1797. She m. as his 3rd Abijah Patchen. Rebecca Kennedy, widow of Allen Kennedy, died 14 April 1884 age 89 years and was buried in the East Mountain Ground, town of Dover, DC. Allen Kennedy died 14 April 1883, age 39-2-6 and was buried with his presumed mother and probable brother David L. Kennedy who died 7 April 1871, age 40 years.

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David L. was married to Irene _ and probably also to Jennett, all buried in the East Mountain Ground in Dover. [OGDC 47]
Allen Kennedy was in Dover in 1850 age 28 and his wife Frances was age 28 also. Presumed children in the household were: (all Kennedy), Henrietta, age 7, Erben I., age 6, Elizabeth, age 4, Franklin, age 6 months. (9)
Allen Kennedy was a customer at the Titus store in Dover. [DCSB II:O:247].
Dr. Thorn of New Hackensack, DC, noted “widow Alshe Kennedy
in his ledger ca. 1787.
Alvah Kennedy granted administration of estate of PEter Laurence of Marcellus, Onondago Co., NY 17 October 1823. [OnonCW LA HH:29].
Aly Kennedy, the widow Van Ambrugh, married James Stevens 31 Aug. 1788 at NHRCh in DC.
Administration of estate of Angus Kennedy of Ontario Co., NY granted to John Kennedy 29 November 1814. [OntCW VII:32].
Administration of estate of Angus Kennedy of Ontario Co., NY granted to John Kennedy 29 November 1814. [OntCW VII:32].
Administration of estate of Angus Kennedy of Caledonia, Genesee Co., NY granted to Thomas Dewa 8 March 1815. [GenCW LA II:147].
Anthony Kennedy had a Lieutenant’s Warrant from Gov. Brown and had lateley come from New York when he was brought before the ConC 31 Dec. 1776 as a prisoner. He was admitted to his parole for three days. He must have subsequently been jailed because he escaped form the Guard House as reported to the ConC 7 March 1777. [ConC 64, 181].
Benjamin Kennedy married Sarah Losee 19 Dec. 1797 at Fishkill. [FRCh]. He was dec’d by 30 July 1806 when Sarah Losee, widow of Kennedy bp. in Hopewell a dau. Sarah Ann Hegeman who was b. 17 March 1805. [HRCh].

i. Abraham Losee Kennedy, b. 19 Nov., bp. 23 Dec 1798 at NHRCh
ii. Hannah, b. 16 June, bp. 13 July 1800.
iii. Jane, b. 8 Aug., bp. 26 Sept. 1803 at same.
Charles Kennedy m. Hannah, dau. of Egbert Bogardus of Fishkill before 8 April 1806. [DCW C:269].
Administration of estate of Daniel Kennedy of Paris, Oneida Co., NY granted to John Campbell 29 October 1828. [OneidCW LA Vii:94].
Eliza Kennedy married 10 April 1796 to Granville Smith, probably near Poughkeepsi. [MDDC 7].
George Kennedy of Marcellus, Onondago CO., NY wrote his will 24 June 1826; proved 8 September 828. He named wife Mina; sons: Lewis, Alvah and George;

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daus.: Charlotte Green, Isabella Bailey, Julia Ann Sweet, Sabrina wells, Electa Curtis and Alhelinda. [OnonCW D:304]. George Kennedy and wife MIndwell (sic) of Milton, Saratoga Co., NY Sold land to ELisha Powell of same 1816.
Henry Kennedy of Steuben CO., NY wrote his will 21 April 1820; proed 6 May 1820. Henamed wife Anne; sons: James, William, Hiero; daus.: Anne, Sarah and Dala. [SteuCW II:54].
Hugh Kennedy Jr. was an original subscriber tot he Susquehanna Company’s Wyoming settlement dated at Windham CT 18 July 1753. Thomas Kennedy Jr. was the same. They both paid $2 subscription.
Hugh Kennedy was in Menhallen township, Adams Co., PA in 1810 at 0-0-1-0-0 and 0-1-0-0-0 between Adam Plumb and John Neely.
Hugh Kennedy was in Elizabeth township, Allegheny Co., PA in 1810 at 0-0-1-0-1 and 0-1-0-0=1 Isaac Webb and Hugh Kennedy Jr.
Hugh Kennedy Jr. was in Elizabeth township, Allegheny Co., PA in 1810 at 0-0-1-0-0- and 1-0-0-1-0- between Hugh Kennedy and George Sills.
James Canady (sic) was in Jay, Essex Co., NY in 1800 at 2-1-0-0-1 and 2-0-1-1-0 between Joseph Hall and Jonathan Page.
James Kennedy of Ontario Co., NY wrote his will 13 November 1798; proved 28 December 1798. He named wife Mary; sons: Robert, Samuel and John; daus. Jean wife of George Turnbull, Elizabeth wife of John McDougal and Mary wife of James Kennady.[OntCW I:170].
James Kennedy married Rachel, sister of Thomas King of Warwick, Orange Co., NY who wrote his will 15 June 1803. [OCW C:30]
James Kennedy of Schenectady, Schenectady Co., NY wrote his will 18 March 1818; proved 18 February 1820. He gave John Dratt land and appointed him executor. [SchCW A:13]
Dr. James Kennedy, named in the will of Barnhardt Hurd of Herkimer, Herkimer Co., NY who wrote his will 9 August 1810. [HerkCW B:305]
John Kenneda (sic 10) and wife Maritje Van Vliet had son Jacobus b. 5 Sept., bp. 29 Sept. 1768 at Minisink, NY with sp. Jacobs Van Vliet and Antje Swartwout. They had son Thomas Kenedy bp. there 22 June 1783.
John Kennedy of Ulster CO., NY wrote his will 22 December 1808; proved 11 March 1809. [UCW D:222]

John Kennedy, age 40, a cooper born in Ireland was in a Colonial Muster in Dutchess Co. 12 Jun 1762. He was 6 feet tall and in Lieut. Whelpley’s company. [NYMR 416]. John Kennedy was in Rombout as early as 1757. He and wife Mary _ had two children bp. inf Fishkill.

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Children: (11)
i. Henry, bp. 27 Jun 1757. On 24 Sept. 1782 Samuel Gibbs of Rombout mortgaged two parcels o land to Henry Kennedy, yeoman, of Rombout for £200. Letters of administration on the estate of Henry Kennedy were issued in Cayuga Co., NY to Lucinda Kennedy 13 Feb. 1833.(12) He is not found in NYS in 1790.
ii. Sarah, bp. 27 Jun 1757

John Kennedy of Ovid, Seneca Co., NY wrote his will 11 February 1813; proved 4 March 1813. He named wife Isabel; sons: William John and Jaems; daus.: Betsey, Polly, Jennet, Sally and Nancy. [SenCW A:257].
John Kennedy of Washington CO., NY granted administration of estate of Ephraim Allen of Salem, Columbia Co., NY 7 March 1815. [WashCW LA II:71].
John M. Kennedy of Coeymans, Albany Co., NY (Veteran of 6th Rgt. Infantry) wrote his will 27 July 1813; proved 6 February 1816 at Murray, Genesee Co., NY. He mentioned nephews Joseph Kennedy, Albert Barnes and Alanson Scofield, plus several of their children. [GenCW I:98]
Lucretia Kennedy, b. 28 April 1773 at Voluntown, CT m. Robert Harris. [Rev. Pens. W 10076; White 1536].
Mary Kennedy married Peter Outwater 18 Dec. 1794 at Fishkill and they had (Outwater) children:
i. James, b. 27 March, bp. 1 June 1800
ii. Eliza, b. 29 Aug, bp. 12 Sept 1802, both at Fishkill. [FRCh].
iii. Alletta, b. 10 Jan, bp. 7 Feb. 1796.
iv. Gitty, b. 12 Jan., bp. 8 April 1798, both at NHRCh.

Micah Cannady (sic) late of town of Groton, Tompkins Co., NY, died, leaving son Francis who was age 14 on 26 June 1818 and Micah Cannady was appointed guardian 18 Jan. 1819.
Susan Maria Kennedy, dau. of Joshua Ferris and wife of Dr. Kennedy, died 22 July 1823 in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY, age 22. [TT 36:3:180].
Administration of estate of Richard Kennedy of NIagara Co., NY granted to Betsey Kennedy 7 December 1824. [NiagCW LA I:40].

Thomas Kennedy married Engeltie Becker 21 Nov. 17787 at Schaghticoke Reformed. [Rec. 1928:323]. They had children bp. at SRCh.
i. James, b. 15 Jan 1777 and bp. with Sp. David Becker and Geertie Uziele

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ii. Geertrui, b. 1 Sept.s 1778 and bp. with Sp. David Becker Jr. and Knelia Becker
iii. Eleanor, b. 9 April 1779 and bp. with Sp. Robert Kennedy and Engeltie Vrooman
iv. A child (not named) b. 1781 and bp. with Sp. David Becker and Geertrui Uziele
v. Annatie, b. 2 Sept. 1782 and bp. with Storm Becker Jr. and Annatie Becker
vi. David, B. 12 June 1784 and bp. with Sp. Adam Vrooman and Jannetje Uziele.

Guardian appointed for ch. of Thomas Kenedy (U.S. Army) of Richmond, Ontario Co., NY 11 Dec 1818. [OntCW 12:272]/.
Thomas Kennedy was a prisoner in NYC 22 Dec 1777. He had fled form NYC and was jailed in Bergen CO., NJ [GCP #966].
Thomas Canada (sic) and wife Maria had dau. Elisabeth b. 29 March, bp. 27 May 1792 at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church at Rhinebeck, DC with Sp. Petrus Kool and Elisabeth Plug.
Thomas Kennedy and wife Dorothy of Milton, Saratoga Co., NY sold land to Joel Mann of same 7195.

William Kennedy and wife Prudence make report on estate of Henry Mathews of Johnstown, Montgomery Co., NY 12 November 1808. [MontCW ORd I:139]. (13)


  1. He may be son of Alexander Kennedy of Plympton, MA who left son William. The son William was living Plympton in 1723/4. See BT #240, 13 Nov. 1922.
  2. My thanks to John F. Polhemus of Calabash, NC for help on this family.
  3. AD #5643, 4831, 4832
  4. History and Map of Danby, Vermont, 1869, p. 10
  5. See our Edmonds/Edmunds family in SBP IV.
  6. He would be named for his gr.-father, Ebenezer Briggs.
  7. Rec. 1939:76
  8. Aaron Stark Genealogy, 41.
  9. The name Franklyn may indicate a relationship to Ebenezer B. Kennedy who had son Franklin
  10. Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830, NYG&BS 1913.
  11. Records of St. George’s church, Hempstead, LI. Rec. 1879:137
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