Western Reserve Deed

Have you ever run across a family story repeated over and over in various publications that is just ‘begging’ for proof that it is true? Well, my Hammond line has one of those stories. It is the story of Jason Hammond’s purchase of land in the Connecticut Western Reserve.

The township was owned by several proprietors in Connecticut, among whom were Ezekiel Williams and Thomas Bull, of Hartford. In the Bull tract, Jason Hammond had first choice, and Jonathan Hale second.

Perrin, William Henry, editor. History of Summit County with an outline sketch of Ohio. Chicago: Bskin & Battey, Historical Publishers, 1881, page 619, available on archive.org.

Thanks to FamilySearch’s new United States Wills and Deeds Experimental Search, I was able to find the deed from Thomas Bull to Jason Hammond!

Portage County Ohio
Deed Records, 1795-1881

Vol. 2 1807-1815
Film 899061 item 2 DGS 8194072
page 222 (image 116 of 238)

Thomas Bull
To all people to whom these presents shall come
Greeting: Know ye that we Thomas Bull &
Lucinda Bull his wife both of Hartford in the
County of Hartford &State of Connecticut for the
consideration of Two thousand seven hundred
and fifty Dollars received to my full satisfaction of Jason Hammond
of East Hartford in the County & State aforesaid do give grant bargain
sell and confirm unto the said Jason Hammond and to his heirs and
assigns eleven hundred acres of land lying in the State of Ohio in the
County of Portage west of the Cuyahuga River in Township No three in
the twelveth range of the Connecticut Western Reserve so called being
lots No thirty, twenty nine, twenty eight, twenty seven, twenty six, twenty
five, twenty four containing One thousand & fifty Acres and fifty acres
to be taken off the south side of lot number fourteen the described
premises being part of the quantity of Land set out to said Thomas
Bull in the allotment and partition of said township as will appear
by reference to the Records
To have and to hold the above granted and bargained premises with
the appurtenances thereof unto him the said Jacob Hammond and
to his heirs and assigns forever to his and their own proper use
and behoof. and also I the said Thomas Bull do for my self and my
heirs executors and administrators covenant with the said Jason
Hammond & his heirs and assigns that at and until the ensealing
of these presents I am will seized of the premises as a good indefeas
able Estate in fee simple and have good right to bargain and sell the
same in manner & form as is above written and that the same is
free of all incumbrances whatsoever And furthermore I the said Thomas
Bull do by these presents bind myself and my heirs forever to warrant
and defend the above granted & bargained premises to him the said
Jason Hammond and his heirs and assigns against all claims and
demands whatsoever In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands
& seals the 8th day of September Anno Domini 1810

Thomas Bull (L.S.)
Lucinda Bull (L.S.)
Signed, sealed & delivered
in presence of
Ruth Bull
Elisha Colt
State of Connecticut
Hartford County
Hartford September 8 1810 Personally appeared
Thomas Bull & Lucinda Bull wife of said Thomas
signers and sealers of the foregoin instrument and acknowledged
the same to be their free act and deed before me the said Lucinda
having been examined separate and aprt from her said husband
Elisha Colt Justice of Peace
Received and recorded November 7th 1810 William Wetmore Recorder
Transcribed July 17 1901 F. W. Jones Recorder
by Mabel A Rogers Deputy

Ohio, Portage County. Deed Records, 1795-1881. Film #399061 DGS 8194072. Jason Hammond, 8 Sep 1810; Vol. A: page 222-223; digitized images, FamilySearch http://www.familysearch.org : viewed online 27 July 2023.

Jonathan Hales’ deed follows the Jason Hammond deed.