Fan Charts

I’m feeling lucky! I’ve received the new BETA FAN CHART from Ancestry.

The settings allow

  • Selecting generations
  • Color coding for
    • Family Lines
    • Hints
    • Photos
    • Sources
Fan View – Family Lines – 7 Generations
Fan View – Ancestry Hints – 7 Generations (white means no hints / the darker the green, the more hints there are)
Fan View – Photos – the darker the blue – the more photos attached to the profile

Fan View – Sources — the darker the orange, the more sources attached

At times, I turn on the use of Ancestry trees as hints. When that feature is turned on my Fan chart contains more green shading.

Fan View – Ancestry Hints — when hinting from other trees is turned on

For more on this new Ancestry feature as well as other September changes, check out Genealogy TV’s Ancestry Updates video.

See my Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post from August 13th for examples of Fan Charts from FamilySearch and RootsMagic 9.

One thought on “Fan Charts

  1. I too got the fan chart beta recently and, like you, think it’s pretty cool. While lots of people have complained lately about all the changes at Ancestry, I have loved them all!

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