Two Jonathans?

Have you ever questioned whether you have an incorrect ancestor in your tree? That’s where I am with my FISK research.

My third great grandmother, Louisa Fisk, married Horatio Hammond in 1825 in Medina county, Ohio. Horatio and Louisa moved from Ohio to Knox County, Illinois where she died in 1874. Louisa is likely the daughter of Jonathan Fisk of Medina and Cuyahoga counties, Ohio. While searching for obituaries for Jonathan, his wife Mary and their children, I stumbled across an article about a FISK reunion in Indiana. This article, referenced a

‘history of the Fisk family from the year 1339’.

“Fisk Family Reunion” The Daily Reporter (Greenfield, IN) 27 Sept. 1920, page 4.

That article led to a search for this Fisk Family History. I was able to locate Othniel Fisk on Find a Grave.

I wasn’t able to locate a work by Othniel Fisk, but I did locate a Fisk genealogy on

Pierce, Frederick Clifton. Fiske and Fisk Family. Chicago: Press of W. B. Conkey Company, 1898.

In that genealogy, I was able to find what I have for Louisa’s line by searching for her grandmother, “Barbara Brown”. That led me to the entry for the family of Jonathan Fisk and Barbara Brown.

page 181

778 Jonathan Fisk (John, Benjamin, John, John, Phinehas, Thomas, Robert, Simon, Simon, William, Symond), b. Rhode Island in 1783; m. there Barbara Brown. Res. Providence, R.I.

1401 Abraham, b. 1762; m. Elizabeth Arnold
1402 Jacob, b. 1774; m. Saah Van Dreseer

1403James b. Dec. 9, 1777; m. Sally Chapman
1404 Isaac, b. ; m. _ and had Cynthia, Lavinia, Polly, William and John

1405 Jonathan K., b. and m. and Mrs. Anna Atwood
1406 Jabish b. Jan 25, 1781; m. Polly Wilkinson
1407 Roby b. ; m. Tappin R. Johnson. She d. in Niles, Mich.
1408 Mariba, b._; m. M. H. Fairservice. She d. in Summit Wis. Ch.: Harriet Fairservice Parks, Francis Fairservice Leavitt, Agness Fairservice Alden, Mary Fairservice Lush, Marshall Fairservice Reed, and of the descendants of these accurate information can be obtained from Judge Warham Parks, Oconomowoc, Wis., and Miss Delia Leavitt, Summitt, Wis.

This FISK genealogy has Jonathan married to Mrs. Anna Atwood and not to Mary Arnold. Thus, it looks like there are two men named Jonathan Fisk and my Jonathan may not be the son of Jonathan Fisk and Barbara Brown. Searching FamilySearch, I did find a Jonathan Fisk married to an Anna Atwood.

Comparing this Jonathan Fisk to the Jonathan Fisk believed to be the father of Louisa Fisk, their FamilySearch profiles connect to different parents and have different children.

Thus, I believe these are two different men. Now the struggle begins to verify Louisa’s parents and siblings and then to work on doing the same with her grandparents.

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  1. I so feel your pain…disentangling these kinds of genealogical knots can be so frustrating, especially if the sources are scarce. Here’s hoping you can find enough evidence to help you sort things out 🙂

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