Lawrence Winterscheidt

Purple Heart Recipient

Local News
Lawrence Winterscheidt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wintersheidt, goes to Eskridge, Kansas today where he will be enrolled in sheet metal work in an NYA school. The school is an overflow of NYA’s Topeka defense industry training.

Courier Tribune
4 Sep 1941
page 4

Twenty Three Are Inducted

Pass the Final Exams

Have Two Weeks at Home before Going into Active Duty

The army accepted 23 of 27 men sent to Ft. Leavenworth for final examination last week. Eleven of the 13 men who went Tuesday were accepted and 12 of the 14 who went Friday.

Reports had not been completed the last of the week for James McGinty, Seneca, and he may also be added to the list of those taken.

Those who have already been inducted from the Tuesday group are: Francis Schmits, Donald Wichman, Lawrence Koch, Seneca; Elmer Heiman, Baileyville; George Frey, Jr., Goff; Paul Waller, Oneida; Raymond Adams, Centralia; Frank John Reinecke, Axtell; Francis E. Wilsey, Wetmore; Wilbur Chilson, Corning; Bertie James Happ, Dawson, Nebraska.

Those of the Friday group who passed were Max Murphy, Bill Painter, Allen Luginbill and Sylvester Nordhus, Seneca; Lawrence Winterscheidt, Fairview; Lawrence Wintersheidt John H. Hueninghake, Baileyville; James Bontrager Goff, Harry Sale, Wetmore; Paul Grimm, Oneida; Ed Broxterman, Axtell; John C. Gilbert, Bern.

The above men have been sworn into service but under the recent regulation, have two week leaves at home.

Courier Tribune
20 July 1942
page 1

News of Men in Service

Mrs. Ada Kramer has received word that her son, Wilfred, ahs been promoted from corporal to sergeant. He is stationed at Camp Gordon, Augusta, Ga. Wilfred had the plearuse of a visit with Pvt. Lawrence Winterscheidt and St. Richard Pendleton in Augusta recently. Lawrence and Richard are stationed at Daniel Field, near Augusta, Sgt. Kramer has been assigned to the Radio Intelligence Division.

Courier Tribune
10 Dec 1942
page 1

With the Armed Forces

Lawrence Winterscheidt is now a staff sergeant. He is stationed at Daniel Field. His full address: St. Sgt. Lawrence Wintersheidt, 6th Prov Squadron, Barracks 31, Daniel Field, Augusta, Ga.

Courier Tribune
31 Dec 1942
page 1

Honor Dead Flier at Fidelity Church

Memorial Service for Sgt. Lawrence* Winterscheidt

A memorial service honoring Staff Sergeant Lawrence Winterscheidt was held Thursday morning, February 3, in St. Augustine church, Fidelity, with the pastor Rev. Father Moriarty saying the requiem high mass.

Lawrence was born on a farm near Fairview, December 17, 1919. He attended school in Seneca, graduating from Catholic High School in 1937. At the time, he was called into service, he was working in defense work at General Electric, Bridgeport, Conn. He was inducted into service in July 1942 and spent six months overseas, the last four in active combat duty. Lawrence was radio man on a B-25 with the 5th Air Forces under General Douglas MacArthur.

The former young Seneca man was killed in action near Jacquinot Bay on New Britain Island, on January 16, 1944. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wintersheidt, two brothers, Glen and Bobby, of the home and a brother, Carroll, Hutchinson, Kans., who entered military service today.

Courier Tribune
10 Feb 1944
page 1

Killed in Action
S/Sgt. Lawrence L. Winterscheidt, son of Roy M. Winterscheidt of R.R. 1, Fairview, was killed in action, the war department announced Saturday.

The Enid Morning News (Enid, Oklahoma)
20 Feb 1944
Page 16

War Casualties

Southwest Pacific Area
Staff Sgt. Lawrence L. Winterscheidt, son of Roy M. Winterscheidt, Fairview

The Manhattan Mercury (Manhattan, KS)
21 Feb 1944
page 4

News of Men in Service

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Winterscheidt, Fairview, have received the Purple Heart, posthumously for their son, Sergeant Lawrence Winterscheidt, who lost his life in action January 16 in the New Britain area. Lawrence, a graduate of Seneca Catholic high school in the class of 1937, had been in service 18 months, overseas about four months. A letter from Lawrence’s best friend, a Maryland boy, Jack Menefee, is comforting to the bereaved family and reads as follows:
“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Winterscheidt: I know during these times of sorrow for you dear folks, over the loss of your son, this letter will not seem like much, but I’d like to express to you my deepest sorrow and sympathy To me, Larry has alway been my closest pal, and his troubles were mine, vise versa. I was his gunner, on the same crew. Trained with him and came overseas with him and flew on a few missions with him until they split us up on separate crews. He always told me to write if anything did happen to him and what to send home. Being his nearest friend I have separated his things with a very sad heart. It was his first mission after his leave in Australia. His plane was hit by Jap fire, burned, crashed and exploded as it hit the ground. He felt no pain. It was quick, I know as an eyewitness. He died bravely. He was considered one of the best radio men. I loved him too. Please accept this letter and my deepest sorrow with you folks. You have my word, I’ll avenge his death. In sympathy, I am Jack Menefee.”

Courier Tribune
28 Feb 1944
page 2

Below is a map of the Pacific theater of war about the time Lawrence Winterscheidt’s plane was shot down.

Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 8 Jan 1944, page 14

Below is a map of the New Britain area. The Winterscheidt obituary indciates his plane went down near Jacquinot Bay which is on the East side of New Britain.

Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph, 8 Jan 1944, page 14

Lawrence’s name appears on the tablets of the Manila American Cemetery honoring those who died near the Phillipines during WW2.

The memorial indicates that Lawrence Winterscheidt was a member of the 345 Bomber Group. The 26 May 2016 issue of the Sabetha Herald included an article about Lawrence Winterscheidt’s service