Draft Order

The Courier Tribune
Nov 4, 1940
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Forming New Draft Board

From County Posts

Burden Will Thus Fall on Men Already Public Salaried

The Nemaha county draft board is being reorganized. The county commissioners have recommended that Sheriff Loyd Cobun, Register of Deeds Bert Stratton and O. J. Ward, deputy county clerk, be appointed for this federal public service.

The three men are already in public salaried positins so that the additional duty will not be a burden on them that it would be to persons in ordinary civil life. If their draft board work is too heavy, they will be able to transfer some of their regular duties to other help in the offices.

At the present time, all are living at Seneca, so they will not have car expense in meeting here, yet at the same time they formerly lived in three separate sections of the county: Mr. Stratton at Oneida, Mr. Cobun at Sabetha and Mr. Ward in the sunny Knoll community

The recommendation for appointment of the three men thus seems to be a happy solution for what had been a nettling problem. C. V. Haynes of Sabetha, W. E. McNeil of Goff and George Hutton, Seneca, have been members of the board but there was no provision to pay a bit of their expenses, and with two men driving to Seneca each day and with all three losing time from their private work in order to donate their service, it was a situation which could not be expected to continue. Mr. Haynes, Mr. McNeil and Mr. Hutton were good men on the job. They handled the assignment of serial numbers and other work with dispatch.

More Serial Numbers

The Nemaha county draft board gave serial numbers to six additional registration cards this morning.
They are as follows:
1690 Melvin Decker Ce
1691 Frank W. Brown Sa
1692 Lawrence R. Miller Sa
1693 Lyman Max Lyon Sa
1694 John W. McGinty Se
1695 Elmer Keithley Se

Can’t Tell When They Go

First Quota Light

Expect State’s First 157 Men will be from Enlistment

No one can answer definitely the question of Nemaha county young men as to when they are apt to be called for a year of military service. About all that can be told is something of the approximate order.

The Courier-Tribune last week printed the names of the first 100 men in the draft order, as accurately as they could be given from press reports of the national drawing.

Today, the names of the next 400 men are listed, again unofficially. This makes a total of 500 men. The list is probably only approximate. For instance, there are a few registration cards just received at the draft board office this morning which will have to be given serial numbers. Some of these serial numbers may become new order numbers in the first 500.

The county received its official master list Saturday and bundles of questionnaires to be sent registrants. Another official master list came today. It will be the draft board’s next job to make up an official order list for the county.

First Draft Quota Nov. 22

The state of Kansas has been ordered to furnish 157 men in a period from Nov. 22 to 25. This is less than two to a county and it is expected that the quota will be filled by those who desire to volunteer their services early. In fact a state dispatch from Topeka states more than the number of men needed are available.

Washington has announced that, nation wide, 30,000 draftees will be called this month and by next July, 800,000. The Kansas share of this quota has been announced as 8,388. Making a guess from that figure, Nemaha county would not have over 80 men and perhaps less because this county already has enlistments. But continuing the guess, let us suppose the Nemaha county quota is 80; that one man in five registered is available. That would mean going down 400 draft order numbers by next July.

A few men may still have questions on what has happened to their registration cards. They should hang onto their receipts to show they have registered. There is a little confusion, on the county borders. A man who gave his address as Pawnee for instance, though he lived in Nemaha county, may find his card has thus been transmitted to Nebraska; a Nemaha county man of Vermillion address may have had his card sent to Marshall county.

Here are the next 400 order numbers, unofficial:

Order Numbers 101-110
59 Amnzi Gordon Mosteller Be
74 Ben Paul Kreutzman Ba
246 Clarence Richard Hazlett Ona
667 Leonard William Grimm Sa
176 Edward Ferdinand Deters Ba
781 James Jay Adriance Se
134 Ralph Benjamin Ward Ce
130 Vincent August Buessing Ax
124 Glenn Wilbur Labbe Ona
104 Raymond Eldrid Noland Ce

Order Numbers 111-120
370 William Robert Green Go
1375 Homer LeRoy Turner Onei
225 Eli Brunner On
642 Roscoe George Smith Sa
703 Allie John Hermesch Go
656 James Alvin Hoskins Ce
128 Emmett Thackeray Dodson Se
150 Mirl Herman Bontrager Sa
276 John Jessee Barrett Co
716 Melvin Elmer Rauss Ce

Order Numbers 121-130
1015 Belford J. Duryea Se
883 William Audley Sneed Se
346 William Francis Koch Ve
692 Clifton Allen Holland Ve
341 Garth Edwin Brinkworth Co
1354 George Lee Miller Sa
1000 Gregory Henry Holthaus Se
1187 Elm’r W McConnaugh’y Go
1314 James M. Johnstone Go
412 Raymond C. Gugelman Be

To be continued