Michigan Clipping

Do you have unsourced newspaper clippings in your files? Thanks to my grandmothers, I have quite a few. Fortunately, most of those clippings came from Kansas communities. Thus, I have been able to locate those clippings in the digitized newspapers.

Somehow, buried in my Kansas clippings is one that is likely from Michigan.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Wells Married Fifty Years

Mr. Wells was born in Clarendon County; Mrs. Wells a native of Vermontville

Came to Charlotte Ten Years Ago after Spending Forty YEars on Farm near Vermontville

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Wells observed their golden wedding Tuesday, February 25th, by entertaining thirty-five at dinner at their home on Henry street. Seven of the guests wee also present at the wedding fifty years ago. They were: Mrs. Alice Hallenbeck of Pontiac; Mr. and Mrs. Perry B. Wells; Clinton Wells; Clayton Wells and Walter Davis, all of Vermontville; and Mrs. May Wells of Charlotte. Mr. Wells’ sister, Mrs. Alice Parker, and son, Frank, of Chicago, came for the occasion and are spending a few days with relatives

Mrs. Wells Native of County
Mrs. Wells was born in Vermontville township; Mrs. Wells is a native of Clarendon township, Calhoun county. They spent the first forty years of their married life on a farm near Vermontville moving to Charlotte ten years ago. For many years they were active in the Congregational church at Vermontville and have attended the local Congregational church since coming to Charlotte. Their only daughter, miss Winifred Wells has been an instructor in the high school for several years. Mr. Wells has been a member of Charlotte Commanders for many years. The family is highly esteemed and enjoys the respect and confidence of everyone.