Saturday Tidbits

1940 Draft – Serial Number Order

Continued from Nov. 4 Saturday Tidbits

“The wheel is spinning in the United States for some 17 million young men. It started when Congress decreed that they should register for possible military service. Then came the registration; then the spin which gave each man in the county a serial number. Tuesday of this week came the whirl that determined the order in which men will be handled by the local draft board for filling Uncle Sam’s quotas.” from ‘The Wheel of Fortune Spins’ in the 31 Oct 1940 issue of the Courier Tribune

Order Numbers continued
* Order Number based on national draw
* Serial Number based on local draw

Order Numbers 131-140
(Serial # – Name – Post Office)
426 Harry Charles Churchill Se
175 Francis James Levret Go
904 Cyril John Stallbaumer Se
226 John Charles Baldwin Sa

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1064 Wilbur Henry Keim Sa
1241 Edwin Henry Wichman Ba
809 Frank Edward Stuke Se
282 Lawrence J Olberding Se
1613 Lester L. Williamson Go
1116 Leslie Kenneth Wright Ce

Order Numbers 141-150
859 Edwin August Brokamp Se
1074 Fred Edward Amos Ba
584 Henry Aloysious Holthaus Se
1163 Howard Freeman Bell Onei
1411 Orville Douglas Edman Ce
309 Bert Andrew Simmons Co
1152 Henry Francis Hermesch Go
536 Leonard Samuel Roth Be
1252 Alex Cyril Baumgartner Sa
1574 Ora Francis Robbins Ce

Order Numbers 151-160
1662 Joseph Ed O’Toole Ax
1611 Ora Clifford Brammer Sa
771 Wilbur S Jeanneret On
434 Dale LeRoy Followell Sa
251 Velmer Daniel Meyer Sa
1367 Joseph B. McCourt Sa
1417 John Marx Christine Sa
659 Samuel Christ Aeschliman Sa
698 Cletus Jerome Schmelzle Se
863 Edward Alvin Schmits Se

Order Numbers 161-170
1089 Joseph Mary Holthaus Co
1286 Robert Brunner Elliott We
617 William Arthur Mincher Sa
893 Herbert Chas Showman Sa
55 William James H Gilbert Sa
206 Donald Henry Fox Ve
1325 Benedict C. Strathman Se
317 Ralph Riley Brown Co
1471 Emil John Hulsing Se
683 Alfred Mathias Lueb Se

Order Numbers 171-180
100 Wilbur Gale Baskett Sa
262 Virgil Theodore Kelley Se
1189 Edward B Schmitz Ba
399 Joby Carl Haynes Sa
217 Albert Frank Tangeman Ba
103 Edward Ralph Flaherty Ha
220 Wayne W Donaldson Se
1364 Japheth D. Walden Jr Onei
561 Albert Peter Broxterman Co
1133 Eddie E. Schoonover We

Order Numbers 181-190
753 Erich Gottlieb Epple Sa
381 Ralph Elvin Maver Go
1071 Bernard A. Stegeman Ona
755 Arthur Collier Go
724 Frank Edwin Callahan We
694 Marvin Lester Cottrell Co
1456 Leroy James Meyers Sa
1371 Charles Arthur Frye Ce
1219 Charles Joseph Carroll Ax
784 Keith Leonard Baugh Go

Order Numbers 191-200
693 Eldon E. Schoen Go
129 Henry August Ronnebaum Go
279 Emery LeRoy Showman Sa
1195 Harold Clowe Se
1291 James Eugene Severn Ax
157 Clarence Jesse Hamilton Ha
275 Herman Menold Sa
270 Glenn Thomas Holsapple Co
1454 Paul Edward Hill Go
799 Loren Firoved Lancaster Sa

To be continued