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Have you purchased a yDNA test for yourself or a male relative? Have the results helped you with that branch of your tree?

I am currently managing three BigY tests for my CRAWFORD line and still have a brick wall! I am fortunate that a lot of Crawford family members have not only tested but have done BigY testing. The Crawford Clan is also fortunate to have a wonderful administrator of our yDNA group.

My brother was placed in the R1b-01A group. Thanks to another clan member, we think this group’s DNA goes back to James Crawford of Ardmillan. While that means my Crawford ancestry may go back to Scotland in the 1600s, I’m still stuck in Kentucky/Virginia in the 1790s.

When the yDNA results first came back, I was informed that my closest match descended from Edward Crawford (1762 or 1770 to 1826). This Edward Crawford line is stuck in Overton County, Tennessee. So far, I have not found anything connecting my Crawford line to Edward.

As more people have had tests done, the R1b-01A group has grown. One of those additions is a descendant of James and Martha Crawford — or the other James as I refer to them. James and Martha were married in Lincoln County, KY and later moved to Preble county, Ohio. In Preble county, James (and Martha) owned land next to my James Crawford. While records often show these two men as senior and/or junior, there is only about 2 years difference in their ages. When James and Martha migrated with their children and their families, my ancestor, Nelson G. Crawford, also migrated. Over the years, I’ve worked with this descendant to research both families in hopes of finding a connection. We were hoepful that yDNA would prove that we are related. Unfortunately, it did not.

In January 2020, I also met another Crawford research who had just received the results for her father. He descends from James and Rebecca (Anderson) Crawford. James and Rebecca resided in Garrard county, Kentucky when my ancestor, James (wife Sally), and the other James (wife Martha) also lived in the area. Again yDNA did not prove a relationship between my James and the James that married Rebecca. However, it does show a relationship between James (wife Rebecca) and the other James (wife Martha). A third tester joins this group: a descendant of WIlliam Nelson Crawford. The current theory is that WIlliam Nelson Crawford is a grandson of James and Martha thru their son John.

Also in our little R1b-01A group is a descendant of David Crawford. Unfortunately, none of the trees for the other members of R1b-01A show a connection to David Crawford.

Ironically, the FamilySearch tree connects the ancestry of James (wife Rebecca) and James (wife Martha) to the ancestry of Alexander Crawford (wife Mary McPheeters). And yes, I am aware that there are a ton of trees that mistakenly connect to Alexander and Mary Crawford. What I find inteesting is that in the R1b-01F portion of the Crawford yDNA project are two tests whose trees either go back to Alexander or go thru Alexander to an older genertion. [Note: there is at least one other yDNA test with an earliest known ancestor listed as Alexander (1715-1864) that is NOT grouped in the R1b section.]

I have researched the tree going thru John Irbin Crawford back to Alexander and Mary McPheeters and feel that the paper research supports this tree. I am in the process of researching the tree that goes thru John Crawford who married Sarah Blake.

Yellow: yDNA ancestors: Blue: tests I administer; Dark Green: researching connection to Alexander Crawford

So, what have I learned by completing this chart?

  • First, there are two lines that I would like to find a descendant to do yDNA testing: William Crawford, probably brother to James (wife Rebecca) and Alexander Crawford, who lived in Garrard county about the same time as the three James Crawfords.
  • Second, I want to look at John Crawford (1698-?) to see what I can learn about his descendants.
  • Third, I still believe it is possible that the James Crawford lines of Garrard County, Kentucky have a common ancestor with descendants of Alexander Crawford. That common ancestor may be Robert Alexander Crawford and his wife, Marie Shaw.

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