2022 Goals Summary

Do you make annual goals for your genealogy research? I have to admit that prior to retirement I didn’t. But, then my research time was often limited and I likely would not have met those goals. While I don’t follow the ‘Smart Goals’ method of writing my goals, my abbreviated goals are usually specific and manageable over the year.

While I outlined my goals in a blog post, I used an abbreviated version in my journal. Over the year, those two pages have been referred to on almost a daily basis and have kept me on track.

I finished up this research in October and have been researching my Crawford line and FAN club since then while pondering my goals for 2023. I shared most of my progress on this blog.

Descendancy Research

Narrative Reports

Since I finished the above goals early, I expanded my list to include some of the SELLERS family. James Sellers married Mary Crawford in Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1791. William Sellers married Sarah Crawford in Lincoln County Kentucky in 1796. It is believed that Mary and Sarah are sisters to the James Crawford who married Martha Knight. Thus, these two families have CRAWFORD connections.

Friday Finds

While I haven’t done a good job of cleaning up my files, I have used those files to create a post sharing some of those files each Friday.

Crawford Research / yDNA

While I haven’t done much digging in Virginia records, I have been doing some Crawford research. As I’ve reveiwed my previous research, I have expanded my fan club. In addition, thanks to my mother, I have been able to sponsor two big Y DNA tests. The first was of one of my brothers and the more recent one was of a 4th cousin. Thus, some of my recent research has been to make sure the documentation of my 4th cousin’s line is solid. While we are awaiting my 4th cousin’s placement on the block tree, my brothers have been placed in the R1b-01A Ardmillan group of Crawford yDNA. I am very thankful that the CRAWFORD yDNA project seems to be very active and has an excellent administrator!


While this is an area that I have let slide, a commentator on my blog has provided a solution to make this process easier. I just need to quit procrastinating and check out the solution and get it done!

FamilySearch Memories

This is another area where I am not very successful. While, I’ve tried to complete this task as I’ve worked each ancestor, I haven’t documented that progress in my journal. Thus, I need to do a better job at not only completing this task but documenting tat completion.

Overall, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in 2022 and look forward to setting my 2023 goals and working to accomplish them.