Have you seen some of the ‘Beta’ screens on Ancestry and FamilySearch. Have you been able to get back to those same Beta screens?

I know that I have two previous blog posts highlighting beta screens that I can not get back to. One, was my Experimental Search post about the use of AI technology to transcribe and index US deeds and wills. I was VERY IMPRESSED by this feature and hope that it opens back up soon.

The other was the Fan Chart (Beta) on ancestry. When I wrote my post, I had the ability to change the number of generations as well as change what the colors represented. While the fan chart is still available, the menus to modify the fan chart is no longer present.

FAN CHART — with menu to modify the settings
FAN CHART – as of 17 Sept 2023 — ability to modify chart is missing

It is my hope that both of these features have been removed because of some programming issue. Thus, I’m also hoping that we will see a ‘new and improved’ version of both in the future.

I’m thankful that both FamilySearch and Ancestry are working to provide new features. I just need to remind myself that ‘BETA’ means in development and that writing the code for these features will take a lot of time. Thus, I just need to be patient!

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  1. I’m looking forward to both coming back. I never had the modifications to the fan chart. I did not check FS with the AI on the documents, but it sounded fantastic.

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