Friday Find

As with previous 2023 Friday Find posts, I am pulling information from a notebook of items shared with me by a fellow BRILES researcher, Mildred Barby. Today’s find is a transcription of her great great grandfather’s will. Mildred’s line goes thru Branson Briles, son of Noah Briles. Branson Briles migrated to Kansas about the same time my 3rd great grandfather, Alexander Briles migrated to Coffey County, Kansas. Alexander and Noah were brothers. Thus, Branson Briles was a nephew to Alexander Briles.

While I’ve yet to do much research on Branson and his father, Noah, Mildred did extensive research on her BRILES line prior to our era of online records. Thus, it wasn’t surprising to find the will in her records.

Will of Noah Briles

1864 copy of Will
Born 1796
Died 1874 (age 78 yrs.)

As transcribed by Mildred Barby

Be it remembered that I, Noah Briles, of the State of North Carolina, Randolph County, being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testiment in manner and form as follows: That is to say,•
First I give my wife, Harriet S. Briles, ( of nearly thirteen years) a certain piece of land, beginning South of the barn five rod at a rock, thence East to the creek, crossing the creek, following said cross fence the outside fence, thence East to Noah Rush’s line, then North with Rush line to a post oak, then West on Beckerdite’s line twenty three rods to a pine, thence South on said line six and one half chains to an oak, thence West on said Beckerdite’s line ten chains running the creek to a black oak, thence North two chains to the original corner, thence West nineteen and a half chains to a tree, then Southwest running then to South corner of new ground to Harris line to the hickory, thence East to the beginning. The number acres for the support of her children enduring her natural lifehood, I also will to my wife, Harriet, two beds and furnishings, also; one buck and side-saddle, two-hundred and forty dollars in money, one rockaway and harness, one gold watch and chain, the rugs on the floor, all the window curtains, also; I, will one negro boy, and Negro woman (Charity) one negro boy, (Tom) 1 :Martha, and Emma. Named Negro’s in case my wife should marry it is to be equal between my two youngest children, namely Florance Briles and Matilda Briles,

Second Page of Transcription
in case my wife, Harriet agrees to have the money in that case my Executors is to pay her a Thousand dollars, also; to pay over Florance and Matilda Briles, One-thousand dollars each. I also appoint G.I.D. Garrison of Bucombe, County North Carolina, guardian for my two youngest children, Florence and Matilda. If my wife should marry, the above carpet and window curtains are to fall in the hands of my Executors, herein after named.
I have herefore given to my daughter, Nancy Kindley, an interest in the Hoover Gold Mine, which I consider the value Sixteen-hundred dollars, which is all I intend to give her, unless at my death, my estate should be worth more than Sixteen-hundred dollars each child herein after named, and should that be the case, I shall direct that she shall have equal with her brothers and sisters in remainder, so as to make all parts equal. I have given to-my daughter, Charity Pearce an interest in the Hoover Gold Mine of the value of Sixteen-hundred dollars, that is all I intend to give her, unless at my death my estate is worth more than, Sixteen-hundred dollars. For each of the above named, in that case, I will and direct that she shall have surplus, so as to make all parts equal. I herefore give to my son, Branson Briles, an·interest in the Hoover Gold Mine, the value of sixteen-hundred dollars is all I intend to give him, unless at my death my estate be worth more than Sixteen-hundred dollars for each of my sons, in that case I will and direct that he shall have an equal of said surplus so as to make all parts equal., I have heretofore given to my son, Noah Briles, Four-hundred dollars. I have heretofore given to my daughter, Tabitha Kindall, Six-hundred dollars. I have given to my son, John C. Briles, Six-hundred dollars, I have heretofore given to my daughter, Rebah: One-hundred dollars. I give and bequeath$5000 to Rebah so as to make her equal with A. H. Kindall and John C. Briles.
I will and bequeath to Annis Briles, Six-hundred dollars. I will and bequeath my son, Na than Briles, Six-hundred dollars to make equal with A. H. Kindall and John C. Briles. My wife is after my death after my estate both real and personal be sold, all money rising therefrom shall be divided to my children, namely; Noah Jr., Rebah, Annis and

Third page of transcription

Nathan Briles as tofore directed so as to be equal with A.H. Kindall and John C. Briles and, if there should be any, over it is to be equally divided between A. H. Kindall, J. C. Briles, ·Noah Briles, Rebah Briles, Annis Briles and Nathan Briles and if there be more than Sixteen-hundred, the remainder be divided amoung my first wife’s children I here by constitute and appoint my wife, Harriet. Briles and George W. Kindley, Executors of this, my last will and testiment, revoking all other wills herefore made, in witness where hereinto set my hand and affixed the seal, this 27th of May, 1864. Noah Briles (Seal)
Signed, sealed and acknowledged by Noah Briles to be ·his last will and testiment in presents of us witnesses
R. W. Harris
A. Euller

Signed, sealed and acknowledged by Noah Briles

To be his last will and testment on presants of us witnesses.
R.W. Harris
A. Fuller
North Carolina, Randolph County
I W. C. Hammond, Clerk of Superior Court
the said county and state, do hereby certify that the fore­
going is a true and correct copy of the last will and test-
ament of Noah Briles Sr. and papars in Will Book No. 12
pages 8, 9 and 10 in the records books of my office
In witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and affixed the seal.
Done in the office at Asheboro, N.C. this 14th day of March AD 1864.

One of the sets of records on Ancestry is the Wills and Probate Records from North Carolina. A search of this record set for Noah Briles finds a very large 1861 probate file in Randolph County, North Carolina. Buried in this file (image 18533 of 85302) is Exhibit A: “A copy of Noah Briles will.”

Thanks to these probate records on Ancestry, I was able to locate Noah’s probate file and his will in a short time while it would have taken Mildred traveling to North Carolina or Salt Lake City to read and transcribe the will.