Multiple Sources

Have you ever questioned the need to get multiple sources for an individual when doing research on collateral lines? Sometimes, I think about just getting one or two records and moving on.

While researching a DNA ThruLine for Edward Ricketts, I came across a situation where the sources disagree. Since this disagreement was over the parents of Ora Blanche Richey, it affects whether we are cousins or not.

According to Ora Richey’s 1968 Indiana death certificate, her parents are

  • John Brown
  • Mary Smith

According to the death certificate, it was her husband, Walter Richey, who said her parents were John Brown and Mary Smith. If John Brown and Mary Smith are her parents, then we are NOT related thru my RICKETTS branch of my tree. This would make the suggested ThruLine match incorrect.

Since I also had her Find a Grave record open in another tab, I switched to that record to see who it shows as her parents. Find a Grave links to John Alexander Morgan and Rhoda Ellen Amos Morgan.

If Ora is a daughter of John Alexander Morgan, then we are likely RICKETTS cousins. I have John Alexander Morgan as the son of Evan Morgan and Mary Ann Ricketts and grandson of Edward Ricketts and Sarah Story. Edward Ricketts and Sarah Story are the suggested common ancestors with my DNA match.

Thankfully there is a third source created shortly after her death which clarifies her parents. Her obituary, Rights Will Be at Milroy for Mrs. Richey, published in the Rush Republican on 25 April 1968 also identifies her parents as John A and Rhoda E Amos Morgan.

Another source that places Ora Richey in the Morgan family is an obituary for Claude Morgan, one of her brothers.

Rushville Republican, 3 Feb 1938, page 1

Based on these sources, I am concluding that Ora Richey was the daughter of John A. and Rhoda E. (Amos) Morgan and NOT the daughter of John Brown and Mary Smith. For me, this was a good lesson in ‘why’ I need to search for multiple sources.